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2 days ago

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Considering the rise in energy prices and the continuous strain on the atmosphere many are looking to alternative sources for energy. Solar energy can be a very cheap and easy renewable source of energy once its set up. You will find extensive information on solar power here.

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What Are Some of the Main Benefits and Drawbacks of Solar Energy?

For centuries, oil has been used as a main source of energy. Oil is nonrenewable in nature and owing to the large demand, the stores of these fossils fuels below the earth are depleting. The receding oil supplies have already signaled an impending energy crunch forcing us to look for alternative fuels that will suffice our energy needs, are economical to use and at the same time green. In this line, solar energy is being considered as a promising substitute. However, like every other energy resource it has its pros and cons. Let’s take a look at them in detail below.


Following are some of the factors that put solar energy above the other sources of energy and make it a worthwhile investment.

1. A renewable resource:

Unlike fossil fuels that are formed over millions of years by the decomposition and breakdown of organic matter, solar power harnesses the energy of the sun. However, in doing so neither the sun nor its capacity reduces. Thus, the renewable nature renders it an endless source of energy. It allows us to harness energy so long as the sun exists.

2. Non Polluting source:

Solar is a green fuel. It does not emit harmful gases like carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide (greenhouse gases contributing largely to global warming) which are produced as a result of the combustion of fossil fuels such as oil. As a non-polluting source, it raises the quality of air and protects the planet against potential ham. It also operates noiselessly. So, there is no bother of large equipment thumping away billowing clouds of smoke.

3. Low Maintenance:

The elements that go into building solar cells and solar panels have a greater durability and require little or low maintenance.

4. Easy and safe installation:

Whether you plan to do it yourself or choose a pre built modular system, the solar panel system installation is simple and easy to adapt to allowing you to save on cost of installation.

5. Cost savings:

The cut in energy costs is the main benefit that spreads a cheer among all. If thought about besides the high initial cost, the energy costs thereafter is as good as without charge or minimum. Harnessing the energy from the sun, the solar panels installed allow you to generate personal power dispensing with the additional power bills.


The list of advantages is long but, solar energy is not without disadvantages.

1. High Initial Setup Costs:

The High cost of solar system installation is the main disadvantage and deters many from opting for this system. This is on account of the expensive semi-conducting materials used to make the cells and solar panels. However, the energy saving costs in the long run makes up for this high initial investment.

2. Space requirements:

Space is another constraint as solar systems require large spaces across which they can be installed. Not only this, they need to be placed in direct sunlight to work efficiently.

3. Reliability:

The reliability of solar energy suffers because of its dependence on a natural source – the sun. It is harnessed best when the sun is strong. However, the availability of strong sunlight is limited in some places. Besides in rain, snow and stormy weather there is no sunlight and it cannot be used effectively. Battery backup will enable use of solar generated electricity at night. Research is being conducted in order to overcome this limitation of solar energy.